Planet Earth has only one enemy. These beings have broken the carrying capacity barrier. They have over run the place by their sheer numbers. Overpopulation is the term. Too many, too dam many of US.

It is each and every one of us. No one and everyone is to blame. We are at war and we don’t even know it. It is far worse than nuclear war, or any other kind of war. No other species is doing battle and winning. We are war mongers and we keep on, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, century by century, all the way back to when we became homo sapiens. We only think we are “sapiens” we have lost our minds.   

We have sex and babies and multiply like rabbits. “But, I only have two daughters. I’m not overpopulating, I’m simply replacing.” Farmers by necessity need big families. There are ethnic groups who long to have sons so as to have them take care of their aged parents. This is pure insanity!

It’s the doctors fault. They help us live longer. It’s the gyms fault – help us stay healthy into deep old age. Even old people are living longer. There is still hope for eternal living. “Human activity” that’s what’s wrong. We have too many and too much and we are slowly destroying our nest. We just hang on just by being  able to figure out how to hang on.

We are at war with the entire planet. I felt extra guilty today just by driving to the organic farm where we pick up our share of fresh, healthy, organic, life-saving, life prolonging vegetables.

How does the planet get rid of us? Easier said than done:   Earthquakes?  Major storms?    Volcanic eruptions?   Tidal waves?  Earth is trying harder than we are to rid itself of “US.”  How about famine, global epidemics, major collapse of agriculture?  Yes to all of the above.

My wife’s answer…”I may as well shoot myself !” Even major lifestyle change will not suffice. We are on a sinking ship. This is major doom and gloom. Each of the good things we do to live sustainably on the planet are but a drop in a bucket the size of the solar system. Who is to stop a woman from wanting to have a child if she want to have one? It is our god given right to procreate. “ WE HAVE THE EQUIPMENT!

Lets start a family.” Let’s start by redefining the word family. Our family is 7 billion and counting. How do we take care of ourselves? What is the correct carrying capacity number for the planet? Shall we continue to build up nuclear arms and blast away? Is there any peaceable way we can stop being the ENEMY?