Tom Stock

Poet, Essayist, Photographer, Naturalist

Small Craft Warning

The weather report
In the New York Times
Says it’s not a good sailing day
Wind too strong – she’ll remain
Tied the dock
She is a little wood vintage boat
This is my third year
I’m still learning
Haven’t figured how to furl the sail
With no outboard
I rely on oars and a paddle
Always wear life jacket
I don’t have much wiggle room
Because Sampawams Creek is narrow
I’ve aborted several sails
Failing to tack against a south wind
Or coming back
I fear capsizing in the bay
When there’s no one around to rescue me
I’d bob in my life jacket
Clutch the centerboard
Hours pass
Wind chill starting to take its toll
Exhaustion and hypothermia
Out of nowhere
A Coast Guard boat appears
Someone on shore must have called
When they saw me floundering
When they reached me
They pull me aboard
I am saved. I am saved.

Tom Stock November 1, 2017


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  1. Andy

    High adventures!

  2. Andy

    Every day is an adventure

  3. Susan C.

    Great picture-looks like it was a perfect day.

  4. The yellow bike was put together for an old guy, whom has just rounded into his 88th year. Tom is a true friend and a unique personality. I know all this because I am that octogenarian dude. Darrel F.

  5. It is good to do things out of the comfort zone-makes for learning experiences…..I am glad that you were saved. It makes for a good story.

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