Tom Stock

Poet, Essayist, Photographer, Naturalist

Rippled Water


A flat fluid place under the forces of wind   a long fetch on flat liquid /  water moves as wind pushes / wash-boarded / each wavelet subdivided into wave miniatures / those into smaller wavelets / waves upon more waves / rebounds against a bulkhead/ ripples over ripples – textures and sub textures / upheaval everywhere / serious water /  a mysterious windless spot surrounded by ripples / moments later – replaced by corduroy / I hang out at this cove / crests, troughs, amplitudes, frequencies /  no computer can simulate the ever-changing surface of water / chameleon water / we can see wind on the incessant, restless, seething water


Before There Was Water


Old Man Glacier

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  1. I am fascinated by water’s rhythms as well! I appreciate the way you structured the text: like water!

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