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Review of Judith Gale Mont’s Abstract Art Exhibit at Jack Jack’s Coffee House

        Judith Gale Mont chooses “happy colors” to create her abstract paintings. “They are lively, exotic, and represent the colors I find on sea shells. The shells she mentions are not easily seen, Mont takes the time to see. Her father has a huge collection of mollusks for her to study.

Here is a paragraph from her biography:

         “Adding to her prior interest in the natural world, she has been involved in the Molluscan Science Foundation, Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our coral reefs. As Vice President of this organization, her work has let to designing and administering educational materials to stimulate the interest of young children for seashells and our oceans. This involvement has led to the subjects of her recent artwork, which has incorporated seashells and other maritime subjects.”


Her latest exhibit is at Jack Jack’s Coffee House on Deer Park Avenue in Babylon. Four large canvasses take viewers to coral reefs. When she finds shells with colorful markings that she likes, she begins her own journey to express the shapes and forms beyond reality. Her intention is to take us deeper than the surface of a shell. She starts there, uses “happy colors” and expands micro-sized features to macro to explode a universe of color and form. “I want to protect the richness of nature.” The ocean is undergoing severe impacts from acidification which directly kills delicate, sensitive mollusk species. Her art is a unique way to let us put on diving mask and blow tube and dive.

She works out her studio in Manhattan and a garage in Baltimore Maryland where her parents live. At age 28, she is well on her way to a promising career as an environmental artist. Her next exhibit will be in Italy.

“When we renovated this space, we designed a large blank wall for exhibit space. We decided to invite abstract expressionalist artists. This is our fifth show.” says Mike Sparacino, co owner. The exhibit will remain until the end of January. 2018

Contact the gallery at 2jxgallery@gmail.com

Judith Gale at judithgale@gmail.com   judithgale.com



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