More and more “Big Ass” heavy cars, and pickup trucks  are being used for transportation. For women, they feel safer. For men, it’s size that matters. The following guidelines are suggestions for solutions to halt the increase in Earth’s temperature:

Cars can only weigh 1,500 pounds or less

No forms of entertainment will be sold in new cars including, radio, air conditioner, TV’s, and cigarette lighter

When idling in neutral, a computer that comes with the purchase of the car will measure the idle tome. Owners will pay a “idle tax” for exceeding a standard based on previous driving time and distance.

Auto races are prohibited

Crank windows only. The car is not an entertainment center. It is only meant as a mode of transportation.

Gas stations will be closed on weekends.

All car owners have a yearly maximum of 5,000 miles. Above that, a fee will be assigned.

Cost of cars and related fees – tripled in price

Price of gas – tripled

Tolls – quadrupled

Auto mechanics fees – boosted to $400/ hr

Tax break for people who don’t own cars and use public transportation.

Parking fees – quadrupled

$40 toll for crossing any state line

No more TV auto ads

Car rental business is closed

Only one make of car will be available for sale

Auto supply stores, junk yards, tire companies, repair shops will raise their prices by four.