Tom Stock

Poet, Essayist, Photographer, Naturalist

Let’s Take a Big Gulp of America

Sandwiched between Mexico and Canada
America, our country in the heartland of North America
Take a big swig, gulp it down
Keep on drinking
Swallow and do it again
There’s plenty big to choose from
Corn fields in Iowa stretch to the horizon
Soybeans, cotton reaching infinity
Huge chunks of open land in the southwest
Sod farms for instant lawns and chemicals
Homeowners can look like the most wealthy people in the neighborhood
Farms with big ass tractors that take bites that are county-sized chunks
Trucks with tires 12 feet high
This is America, land of anything possible
Huge pickup trucks that sport big horned sheep hood ornaments
Lubbering fat people pushing huge shopping carts
Browsing in box stores the size of the Grand Canyon
It’s hard to take it all in
Big tall city buildings dissolve in the sky
Big oil, big coal, big armed forces, full size, extra large
Warheads at the ready
Let’s hope the president keeps his fingers off that red box
The one that drives us into bomb shelters
So we can experience radiation with our families in privacy during nuclear winter
The elite, the rich, the well to do, the moneybags
With their 40,000 square foot mansions
With swimming pools and security systems that rival Lake Erie
And personal chefs preparing artisnal, gourmet snacks
Nothing is too big Americans
When immigrants arrive, they want big, their piece of a gigantic pie
We all want our cake and eat it too
64 ounce soda pours out of a machine at a 7 – 11 corner store
No large-sized shoes too big to fill in this country
There’s plenty more where that came from


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