The tuck is the secret to making a strong rattan basket. Tuck is the verb which means pushing the end of a rattan strip under another. This takes care of loose ends, and tightens the basket.

  1. Wet rattan strips for a half hour for flexibility
  2. Plan the basket by selecting a small oblong wood box
  3. Use this wood box form to set up strips that criss cross on the bottom
  4. Staple each strip and leave about 6 inches spare over the box edge
  5. These will become the tuck strips
  6. Weave strips criss-cross on the bottom
  7. Firm the bottom edge with a strip weaving in and out horizontally
  8. Weave the sides until you come to the edge.
  9. Create a rim using strips outside and in
  10. Cut off inside vertical strips and leave the outside strips
  11. Point the outside strips with scissor cut
  12. Bend outside strips over the rim and tuck using an awl
  13. Place rattan inside and outside the rim and use thin rattan

The last operation is to”sow” the in and out strips to the vertical

  1. The rim holds the whole basket together and provides a decorative edge
  2. Tools are a staple, awl and scissors and a wood box
  3. Making a basket strengthens fingers and prevents arthritis.

Each finger slowly learns until all fingers develop brains. See photos to accompany this instruction sheet. Contact me if you need help.