This was the last day for the interns. Don will have a skeleton crew from here on out. I will miss their youth and energy.

Weeds dominate.

I found Don picking cucumbers. He left the fat yellow-orange overripe ones for seed.

“I’ve seen a big difference in the number of sparrows this year. There are large flocks flying about and landing to feed.”

The overcast sky and strong wind had a fall feel. The late spring has affected tomato ripening.” Don commented. I walked a row of tomatoes and only saw a few that were turning. Late spring means late tomatoes.

I processed the last of the garlic. Belarus garlic has long, slender straight stalks which I saved for mat –making in my garage studio. The cloves tasted mild compared to other varieties. Because the bulbs were harvested so late, many had cloves so loose they fell apart.

I visited the bee yard. Tall grass blocked the entrances to the six hives yet bees managed to find their way in.

The share this week included a bag of small potatoes and onions, peppers, kale, the first tomatoes, okra, fennel, eggplant and leeks.