Conditions have to be perfect
For the eye to catch a speck of light
A reflection so perfect,
The angles just so
For sunlight to bounce through a pupil

A car windshield, three miles away
Crossing the Captree Causeway Bridge
Catches a ray, transmits it to my eye
A silver shard of sun
That instantly dissolves

With daughters at Robert Moses Beach
A single quartz grain on a sand castle
Becomes a mirror
A molten silver second
Comes and goes unexpectedly

I catch the glint of a her timid smile
Is it meant for me? Of course!
Right time, right place
Only lasting a second
Does it carry great weight?

She lifts champagne to her lips
Her diamond ring sends its message
She is the beacon
A broadcasting lighthouse
Transferring her light to me

I pick up the morning paper
See a constant beam of sunlight
Reflected off a rear view mirror
So bright I can see radiating strands
Of thin muscles of my iris

Glints are moments of intensity
That rarely occur
When they happen
I know for sure
I’m connected to the Sun