Tom Stock

Poet, Essayist, Photographer, Naturalist

Fire – the poem

A frozen stream from
A magnesium rim
Meandered on the ground
From the scorched hulk of a car
In Santa Rosa, California.
Abandoned when a wall of flame
Rushed in and past
They ran to safety
Just in time
There were many other
“Just in time” stories
Relentless winds turned up the heat
Burning, melting, destroying
This was no volcano, tornado
Hurricane, tsunami
Fire. fire, fire
With heat so high
It vaporized almost everything
In its path
Where a house was
A second later…
Rubble with only a
A fireplace left standing
Fiery embers lifted into the smoke
Orange-yellow specks
Wiggling in darkness
To land and ignite new hungry flames
A conflagration that turned
Almost everything to ash
That will drift afar
To fertilize its’ simple molecules
Left from that complicated,
Interconnected world

tom stock


Lunch – Babylon Overlook Beach


Notes on my 78th Birthday; October 19, 1939 – Present

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  1. The poem shows scientific reality and emotion….such a dramatic event….changing the communities significantly

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