On Sampawams Creek, work boats
Known as garveys,
A type of boat with flat decks fore and aft,
Built for clam diggers to stand and work
With long tongs to grab the bay bottom
To hoist and spill the contents
Hard shell clams that clunk the deck
As open tongs release quahogs.
Washed, sorted, baged,
This is real work, hard work, good work
As long as the clams are there

Work Creek, Sampawams Creek now,.
There are only a few clam boats left,
Now mostly fiberglass pleasure boats

Back in the 60’s over fifty baymen
Headed out into Babylon Cove
To earn a day’s pay
Their arm muscles bulged
From hours of pulling in all kinds of weather

When they got their harvest,
Headed back with sore arms,
Onion bags filled with clams,
Tossed over bulkheads,
Loaded onto pickup trucks.

It was time to relax
Pop cans of beer with comrades
Making money the old fashioned way