It is hot and it’s dark
I huddle inside a piston chamber
Of an 8 cylinder Cadillac engine
The piston rises, my space diminishes
Just when I think I’ll be crushed
The piston drops
A spark plug explodes gas vapor
A chamber with crushing pressure
Give it gas, step on it
Pedal to the metal
Anger builds
Ready to explode
Into carbon dioxide
Then it starts again
I breathe relief
I am caught within
The go, go, go force
Fast isn’t fast enough
Driver floors it
A constant engine wine
All eight pistons in sync
Feel the rumble under the hood
I am trapped in a climate change chamber
”Ppull over, turn off the ignition, let me out.”
Earth has become a combustion pot
Tired, exhausted, almost beyond hope
“Help! I’m choking.” It pleads
“Stop the combustion”
This is a gas chamber
I don’t want to die
In solitary confinement