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“We have met the enemy and it is us.”

Planet Earth has only one enemy. These beings have broken the carrying capacity barrier. They have over run the place by their sheer numbers. Overpopulation is the term. Too many, too dam many of US.

It is each and every one of us. No one and everyone is to blame. We are at war and we don’t even know it. It is far worse than nuclear war, or any other kind of war. No other species is doing battle and winning. We are war mongers and we keep on, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, century by century, all the way back to when we became homo sapiens. We only think we are “sapiens” we have lost our minds.   

Demolition of a Historic House in the Village of Babylon

David smith is turning in his grave. The house he lived in back in the late 1700’s has been demolished. I stopped by to witness the event. A huge excavator and its operator raised the scoop and jaws to take bites out of a wall. I was listening to demolition. The shovel pushed down the portico and two pillars rolled to the ground. The shovel bashed through walls, clawed at the roof, while three hands held hoses to wet down dust. I listened to wood being crushed with crackling sounds and loud metallic bangs and squeals of the bucket and its jaw. The crowd heard the beeps as the machine backed up, the clank of the two huge iron treadmill wheels. Two huge dumpsters stood by waiting for the splinters of almost 250 year old house.

The house heard cows, chickens, and other livestock on the 200 acre farm of David Smith. The house that was history is no more. In its footprint, another 21’st century house awaits. While I took pictures, the foreman of the demo company commented to me.”I get all kinds of comments when we demo a house like this. You can’t save a house that is uninhabitable.”  He gave me a cold bottle of water and he continued to supervise.

Monster Jam Rant

Big-tired fat-ass trucks crushing other trucks …for fun! / kids with their dads \dads being dads / quality time with kids \ Out to get monster jam moments / These are not dump trucks/when airborn, they look like momentary clouds passing overhead \ These are not built to carry passengers \ These behemoths are big bouncing bumping extravagances wrecking ball hulks of muscle-bound bombastic monstrosities \ dinosaurs with internal combustion engines \ watching them become air born, to flip, to crush / it’s a rush, a thrill, an outright blow your mind experience \ oh baby dig this action / you might hear your kid say “ get me one daddy”

The No Manifesto

We trees have spoken. No,no,no. No.
We will stand together as a vibrant
community against our destruction.
No, we will not be replaced with 67,000
solar panels for electricity so more
people in more houses can use more. No to
the destruction of our soil, litter layer,
herb layer, shrub layer, and forest
canopy. We use sunshine our way. No to
chainsaws and woodchippers. No to the
slogun “clean energy”. We are clean
energy. We are sustainable. We are shade,
we are home to chipmunk, fox, owl. We are
oxygen. No to row upon row of panels. Yes
to energy conservation. Yes to lower
population densities. No. No no no no.we are
the cycles and food webs and food chains
that we are. No to wanton destruction of
habitat to provide useless outdoor safety
lights, no to Christmas lights, no to
electric silliness, stupid over consumption,
stupid waste, leave the forest as is. Solar
energy destroys forests. Put your panels
someplace else.

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