Homecoming Farm has been expanded from one acre to 5. All the new lots have been turned, disked, and planted. One whole lot has been planted in garlic. This 200 x 200 foot lot was coated with organic compost at a cost of $700. A cover crop was planted, disked, and furrowed. Thirteen four foot wide beds were furrowed so that four rows of garlic seed per bed (cloves), were planted 6 “ apart. Doing the math, this comes out to 20,000 potential garlic plants.

Each clove has to be separated from the bulb. Once the seed is separated, planters carry their small pails of cloves to the bed to start planting. Don has about 35 varieties of garlic to be planted. To keep track of each, he’s laid out a 100 foot measuring tape. When a variety has been planted, a yellow flag is stuck in the ground. Don records the distance from the start so he can keep track of each kind.

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