This website is the result of 45 years of outdoor experiences, creative essay and poetry writing, photography, collage, and gravestone rubbings

I call myself a “creative naturalist” I like to observe using my senses, to make new discoveries and share them. After decades of taking walks and hikes, I like to write reports of what I’ve seen. Writing is my way of experiencing the outdoors a second time. Handicapped people who don’t have many opportunities to be in outdoor situation will especially enjoy this site.

The poems are an expression of feelings and events that are creative efforts to dive deeper. I have practiced writing for a half century and have learned the craft. Poetry especially offers you an opportunity to infer and interpret.I like to think I have a unique voice as we all have ( my way of seeing and explaining)

I have spent three years off and on researching Sampawams Creek. It is a small 5 mile stream draining into the Great South Bay. I see it as a model for others who have a creek near their home. Sampawams is one of 120 south shore creeks.

I have a large collection of cemetery rubbings – photographs and brief reports will tempt you to make your own

I learned to sail and restore a small vintage sailing boat. There are several stories on this topic.

I urge you to learn some of the things I have learned in various forms. I will constantly add new material. I wnt to entice you, draw you in, and offer you a valuable way to experience nature.arm-chair-style whit hopes that you too will take time to study nature on ever increasing new levels<