Tom Stock

Poet, Essayist, Photographer, Naturalist

Rippled Water


A flat fluid place under the forces of wind   a long fetch on flat liquid /  water moves as wind pushes / wash-boarded / each wavelet subdivided into wave miniatures / those into smaller wavelets / waves upon more waves / rebounds against a bulkhead/ ripples over ripples – textures and sub textures / upheaval everywhere / serious water /  a mysterious windless spot surrounded by ripples / moments later – replaced by corduroy / I hang out at this cove / crests, troughs, amplitudes, frequencies /  no computer can simulate the ever-changing surface of water / chameleon water / we can see wind on the incessant, restless, seething water

Tom Stock

Tom Stock has been involved in the Long Island environmental and outdoor education community for decades.

He has published two books; THE NISSEQUOGUE RIVER: A JOURNEY and HIDDEN AGENDA; A POETRY JOURNEY.He has also published many essays and poems in such journals as the Long Island Forum and The Long Islander.

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  1. I am fascinated by water’s rhythms as well! I appreciate the way you structured the text: like water!

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